Executive Summary :

In 2001, Sing Bird Co., Ltd. was established as a plastic product manufacturer, predominately specialized in preform tubes, bottles and caps. By the year of 2007, the BOD decided to change company name into “Great Foundation” to recognize the first step of achieving success in plastic industry. In Nov 2011, SampoarOo Industries Co., Ltd was founded as an individual company, incorporating with Great Foundation but standing alone for its financial and organization structures. In Feb 2012, SamparOo Purified Drinking Water was officially launched to the market. In Jan 2013, SamparOo diversifies the product portfolio by launching another brand of purified drinking water called MingalrBar. In May 2014, SamparOo proudly launched Non-carbonated Soft Drink to the market.

SamPar Oo Profile-“Taste Me. You Will Love Me.”

SamPar Oo is the fast growing brand for people who want to stay hydrated and healthy with clean water orqualitybeverage. We are the dedicated Water and Beverage Company providing consumers with quality and unique taste. With the pure clean H2O in transparent bottles, SamparOo Water gives you everything you need in a day for hydration. SamparOo Soft Drink is available in four deliciousflavours: Orange, Lychee, Apple and Energy Drink so consumers can experience different taste every day. SamparOo is the product of Myanmar and also the product for Myanmar. Our products are inspired by the demand of Myanmar people. We are fully devoted to giving every Myanmar people theaccess to clean water and quality beverage which are thesame as what they can have overseas but at better value. “International quality but Myanmar price.” is SamparOo’s philosophy. Our company is using the combination of technology from China, Taiwan, Germany and Canada. The fully automatic machine from blowing to palletizing and the international standard production environment guarantee the efficiency is optimized and the quality is not compromised.With the experience and talents accumulated over the past 15 plus years as a bottle manufacturer, we have an outstanding engineering team to design and produce eco-friendly plastic bottles. Our engineering team’s philosophy for bottle design is “Contain, Preserve and Identify.” SamparOo bottles are the leading brand in plastic weight saving, leaving the least impact on environment. SamparOo bottles are definitelythe light but right weight with 15% less plastic. “Taste Me. You Will Love Me.”Come experience with SamparOo.

Our Objective
To exceed our Consumer’s expectation by delivering safe and responsible products. To enhances employee qualification ; SamPar Oo recognizes it as one of the main paths to improve service quality. To guarantee the consumers feel safe with SamPar Oo company's product in purified drinking water and soft drinks beverages line. These are some key indicators of SamPar Oo daily decision making processes. By means of these, SamPar Oo aim to increase 4% of market share in 2016.

Our Vision
Base on the motto of Customer First, Quality First - SamPar Oo Company is working to be a leading safety based beverages Company in Myanmar in order to make the consumers feel safe with SamPar Oo's products. Keep try to improve the services on safety, quality, logistics, customer relations and customer benefits to creat a win-win situation with all stakeholders. Aiming to make SamPar Oo brand well known in Myanmar as a high level of standard quality product. To gain the achievement of 18% of market share at 2020 in Myanmar's purified drinking water field. To gain the achievement of 19% of market share at 2020 in Myanmar's Non-Carbonated softdrink beverages line.

Our Mission
Strengthen organization's brand position by emphasizing the high stanadard of safety products. Create the added value by improving product quality, enhancing production enviroment and providing on time delivery services. Continuously tracking and satisfying customer's needs and wants by investigating detail information of consumer's buying behavior.


Our Slogan
Taste Me, You Will Love Me.